MDEAF is a nonprofit charity that supports alternative high schools.

Executive Officers
Dick Nicoll
Vice Pres.:
Pam Neudecker
Hellena Postrk
Rosemarie Scrosati

We can be reached by email at

PO Box  784
Concord, CA 94522
Presenting ..
A Stroll Through New Orleans

Featuring music by
Clarinet Fusion

A fundraiser benefitting Alternative High School Students and Programs in the Mt. Diablo  Unified School District

Sunday, March 1, 2015    2-4 pm

The Gardens at Heather Farm
1540 Marchbanks Drive,
Walnut Creek CA 94598

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Since 2006 the Mt. Diablo Alternative Education Foundation has been helping kids in the alternative education high schools for the Mt. Diablo Unified School district.

The alternative education schools are designed to help at-risk kids who need an environment conducive to their specialized needs.  For example, Crossroads High School provides both a high school education to pregnant girls and much-needed parenting skills.  The alternative schools also provide a second chance for students who are too far behind in credits to graduate from a regular high school.  Often these kids are behind because of family problems, illnesses or they are victims of violence.  Unfortunately the alternative education schools do not have the parental and community support of regular schools.  The Mt. Diablo Alternative Education Foundation (MDAEF) was established to provide some level of community support for these kids. 

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Our Group ID is 500020596
We are asking for your support.  This is particularly important for our alternative education students, because they are most at risk, and yet they receive the least community support. Our whole community benefits when these kids are successful.

Please support us in any way you can. You can help with a one-time donation or an automated payment plan that lets you contribute a designated amount every month.   

Teacher Grants

MDAEF provides direct grants to teachers so they can get the supplies they need. In recent years we’ve provided:

  • Sewing machines for Crossroads High School
  • Lab equipment – Bunsen burners and micro-slides
  • Books for Science, Economics and English classes
  • Buses for field trips
  • Interactive educational software
  • Art and music materials
  •  Model human skeleton for science classes.

MDAEF provides scholarships – many for kids who are the first in their family to attend college.  Our scholarship program is more than tuition and books. Each year we fund transportation for 150 students to attend Diablo Valley College’s Recruitment Day, where they tour, hear success stories and learn to navigate the maze of college enrollment and financial aid.  Many students are inspired by the possibility of attending college, having never thought it was possible for them.